Located 10 km from the facility, Hydro Quebec's 226 megawatt capacity Paugan Dam has the second greatest capacity of any dam in the Outaouais. This "run of the river" dam is part of Hydro-Quebec's vast energy infrastructure. Hydro-Québec, a provincially owned corporation based in Montréal, is Canada's largest utility corporation. That said, our farm will be powered by one of the cleanest and most reliable energy sources on the planet. The watershed of the region will provide the farm with irrigation needs, and NORTHBUD will give back with a state-of-the-art water recycling facility.

Quebec's hydroelectric is the best choice for a clean, powerful and low-cost energy source. Furthermore, we'll be cultivating the majority of our product outdoors and are located in close proximity to the masses of both Ontario and Quebec. We believe these factors all contribute to help set the stage for new industry standards in operational efficiency.


Pete Souchen, CCO

In addition to cultivating outdoors, our Quebec facility is powered by a sustainable and cost-efficient energy source. Hydro Quebec boasts one of the most consistent, clean and powerful energy grids on the planet and we are thankful to call it our power source.

We built a state-of-the-art 24,500 sq. ft. cannabis production facility located on 135 acres of company-owned agricultural farmland in Quebec. Once fully licensed, our facility will produce craft cannabis indoors and farm acres of extraction-grade cannabis outdoors.

Powered by Nature...

Located 45 minutes north of downtown Ottawa  our facility is powered by the historic Gatineau River watershed, which ultimately feeds into the Ottawa River right across from Parliament.


Quebec Farm

Key takeaways

What's new?

  • Licensed cultivator by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act
  • State-of-the-art 24,500 sq. ft cannabis production facility
  • Completing the Phase II expansion, an additional 1,000,000 sq. ft of outdoor growing space
  • 135 acres of organic* agriculture farmland
  • Powered by one of the cleanest sources of energy in the world
  • Significant volumes of clean well-water and fresh air

*Organic: Natural Virgin Soil also known as Natural soil free from contaminants and Nutrient build up